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>> shannon: you right now, casey anthony is on her way to start a new life as a free woman. she left jail in early morning hours. the question now, where is she going? what will she do with the rest of her life? i'm shannon bream live in washington. we begin america's news headquarters with casey stegall live outside the florida jail. hello, casey. >> reporter: good to see you. where is casey anthony at this hour? that is the big question that people want the answer to. the lawyers were successful disguising where she went in the overnight hours. even the press not able to keep up with her. cameras shooting this video of casey anthony walking out of the front doors of the orange county jail at 12:11. wearing pink me low shirt, hair in a bun and the primary defense attorney jose baez right by her side.
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they got in a motorcade, a gray suburban, a cream colored tahoe and white follow-car and drove directly from the location to a bank of of america building in downtown orlando, not far from here, where her other attorney has an office. they went in covered parking garage and pulled a bait and switch. the suv never emerged from the parking garage, but others cars did and it's not clear which one that casey anthony was in. we can tell you around the same time there was police activity across town at a private airport. a private plane was fuelled up and ready to go on the runway, but nobody saw casey anthony boarding the aircraft. officials telling us it was
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scheduled to carry golfers vacationing in florida back to ohio. a crowd of 300 protesters were outside the jail when she left. there was a heavy police presence. some officers on horseback keeping the crowd at bay. holding signs and shouting things like "baby killer" as the motorcade drove by. there were rumors with where she will spend her time as a free woman. we heard puerto rico to new york top stopping and staying with an aunt in texas. but obviously, mum is the word on the end of her attorneys, shannon, because they want to to make sure she is completely safe. a lot of threats were made against her life. a lot of americans don't agree with the not guilty verdict. those think casey is guilty and she walked away a free woman last night.
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back to you. >> shannon: casey stegall, live in florida. thank you, casey. with the country days away from the authority to borrow more money, congressional leaders are taking a break from negotiation. a white house insists there is time to get something big done on a debt deal. steve centanni is live with the latest. >> reporter: this is becoming a cliff-hanger. no word at this point when the white house will hold the next meeting. there hasn't been one since last thursday. there have been talks behind the scenes. president obama went to church today but so far he is not scheduled another meeting to talk about raising the debt limit. the budget director is making the rounds with a sunday talk show saying there is activity and progress. still no final deal. the treasury department august 2 deadline approaches, lew says the president is dedicated to getting the
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biggest possible deal. he says there is time to get it done. >> if you look at where the parties are, compared to discussion in the last decade, things that both sides are talking about doing, that are dramatic. there is still time to get something big done. the president made it clear he wants to do something substantial. >> reporter: meantime, g.o.p. is moving forward on a few fronts there. involved with president obama to find a solution to the problem. they have a stop gap plan in place as well. proposed by senator mitch mcconnell allowing the president to raise debt limit in three steps to avoid default. many push for balanced budget amendment to cap the spending at 18% of the gross domestic product. senator tom coburn of oklahoma saysth's time to step up to the plate. >> we rationalize we can borrow money to fight wars rather than make the hard decisions.
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when we should have. a $2 trillion package will do nothing to reassure the world economic community that we get it. >> he plans to release his own blue print for cuts. is that steve centanni, live in washington. thank you. with 16 days left until the federal government exhausts all borrowing authority, one g.o.p. senator is working to make sure that members of the military will still get paychecks. joining us with more on her plan is kay bailey hutchison. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: i want to start with the august 2 date. there is some debate on capitol hill whether or notted it's truly the date that we run out of any new measures for extenting our allowance to borrow more money. how do you feel about august 2? >> i don't think august 2 is the drop dead date, but it is something in august, maybe later in august. i think all of us want to try to come to some agreement if
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we can long before the drop-dead date. if we get to the point, that won't provide the long-term answers to the republicans are looking for. >> shannon: we f we get there, how much pow dore you think the federal government, the treasury has to prioritize obligations we have financially? >> complete priority. complete capability. unless congress passes a bill that it signs by the president to set the priority. i'm trying to pass a bill right now to assure that the military people don't have to worry about a late payment. we want to assure that if they are in afghanistan or iraq, the families don't worry about paying the mortgage on time. >> shannon: i understand that might be an area on capitol hill you have bipartisan support. >> yes. absolutely. social security would be covered because that comes
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from a different fund anyway. you have the social security covered. you can do this as a first priority. i think we should. i don't think people should be worried about payments in the categories where it is a life or death situation. >> shannon: you am quite sure that republicans understand how well it works when the democrat talk about the fact that maybe the checks won't go out. do you think it will take the conversation off the table if it passes? >> it should. we should haven't the president saying he might be able to send social security checks out. he can. of he absolutely can. it's a different fund. they know that. it is a scare tactic. we need to roll up the sleeves and get long-term answers and save social security extending the age three months a year. that is my proposal. we need to make sure people see cut in spending.
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even the moody's, standard & poor's rating agencies said not only do we want to see the debt limit raised and we want to see the $4 trillion in cut or we might lose the credit rating anyway. >> shannon: i want to ask about that. they are not only talking fundamentally and content wise we need solutions but the fact that the uncertainty in the meantime is rattling them to spark the warnings. how do you feel about getting resolution so downgrades don't happen? >> we all want to insure we don't have a default. we have time but we need to solve it before jitters set in. i think people like to quote that the rating agencies might downgrade american debt
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ratings. people don't say we have to cut spending to keep the ratings up. we don't want to see where we can't see a way forward. >> i want to ask about the plan from your colleague, mitch mcconnell. that essentially puts the onus of raising the debt kraeting to the president. he could do it with provisions that allow congress to override him but it would take two-third vote. results don't a supermajority in either house so folks say there is a question why they propose it. do you support that plan? what do you say to critics who say it's a sell-out by the g.o.p.? >> senator mcconnell was trying to avoid the crunch.
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this is not his first or second choice but he is doing what a leader has to do to show in the end we can do some things that none of us like. but will avoid the debt ceiling not being able to be addressed. i would say i want to have a pledge signed by at least 41 republicans in the senate, we wouldn't vote for appropriations bills that go above 2008 levels. it would assure that something would be done. if the debt creeling is raiseded and we have a pledge from 41 republicans, that say we will not vote for an appropriation bill that doesn't go above, that doesn't go below the 2008 spending levels. then you have something that is more complete. >> shannon: senator kay bailey hutchison. good to see you. >> thank you.
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>> shannon: more fall-out in "news of the world" phone hacking investigation. word from london they arrested an executive. rupert murdock, the parent company of fox news channel come under fire that a paper hacked phone of crime victim and celebrities. amy kellogg has the latest. >> one of rupert murdock most trusted deputies the woman who ran his entire british newspaper empire and editor of news of the world from 2000 to 2003, period where the phone hacking happened, rebekah brooks. she was arrested by police today in connection with conspiracy, conspiracy to intercept communications and corruption. rebekah brooks resigned her post friday as the chief executive of news international. representative for brooks told me that she had a prearranged appointment. a meating with police today -- meeting with police today but was surprised when
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she was arrested. her spokesman went on to say she had been advised she was not on the police's radar screen in connection with the investigation. she had been offering since january to be questioned by police but was told it wouldn't be necessary. they are supposed to testify to a committee on tuesday, a committee she testified in 2003 where she did admit giving police money for information. >> for information in the past. >> it's not clear whether or not brooks will show up at the committee meeting on tuesd tuesday. it cost two top executives, brooks and les hinton, the ceo of dow jones resigning on friday. the 168-year-old news of the world tabloid closed down last week and news corp
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dropped the bid to buybskyb. murdock, son james and rebekah brooks set to testify on tuesday. it's not clear what will happen with brooks now that she has been arrested. >> shannon: amy kellogg, live in london. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shannon: a couple of hundred active duties and retired military members took to street of san diego to march in the gay pride parade. the group wants "don't ask, don't tell" repealed. a federal appeals court temporarily halted repeal while the legal battle over the policy continues. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: still no relief for folks in the midwest today as they break for another day of soaring temperatures and high humidity. rick reichmuth has the forecast. >> no relief unfortunately. likely until next weekend.
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we have at least five to six days more of this heat. take a look at this. this is 11:00 right now in minneapolis, minnesota, it feels like 102. of when you feel like that -- when you feel like that this early in the day, not good. the central corridor is steaming. it's not just the heat but the humidity. the humidity is in full force here. today, temperatures will feel like this. in 100s across the area. head to southeast, not so bad. break here from showers that we have had. that will change. heat is coming there by the time we get to the latter part of this week. look at the far northern plains. 103 in minneapolis. uncomfortable conditions. stay inside in you can. don't do exercise outdoors. in the middle part of the day. check in on your neighbors who might not want to turn on the a.c.s because of the electric cost.
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this has been developed in the last few days. hurricane hunters will investigate today. we could deal with a tropical storm in the next few days. but it's all over the place. no guidance on what could happen. dealing with the significant rain across florida, not the worst news. they need the rain. anywhere across the southeast when you get a storm this close to shore developing this quickly. watch for that. we'll keep you up to date with the latest on the fox weather center. shannon? >> shannon: i wonder how our bret baier feels about the possibility? it's interesting when your name comes up on a list for the storm. >> i know. >> shannon: thanks, rick. >> you bet. >> shannon: day two of what was supposed to be carmageddon in los angeles. drivers, they're on cruise control. ten-mile stretch of interstate 405, one of the busiest highways was shout down yesterday for construction work. the 53-hour closure gives workers time to partially demolish a bridge and widen the freeway. so far, so good. no massive traffic
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nightmares. the u.s. women soccer team will play for the world cup later today in germany. the u.s. will take on japan in the title game. this year's team captivated america as it makes the first run to the championship game since the 1999 team won the cup. the u.s. women beat france on women 3-1. to advance to today's finals. go usa. well, harry potter is breaking records again. harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 raked in $92 million on the first day out. that is almost $20 million more than the previous record holder. it's more than four of the previous seven potter films made in entire opening weekend. now that casey anthony is out of jail, how will her attorneys keep her safe? will casey try to make money off the story? we get answers from fox news am list bob massey. blago is going great lengths to stay out of prison. wait until you hear what the former governor is up to now.
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♪ >> shannon: what the way to start a morning. i should set it on my alarm clock. i like it. they wake up to "celebration" by cool and the gang before doing unpacking. they will dock on tuesday and scheduled to land at the space center on thursday. this is final mission of the nasa 30-year shuttle program. ♪ ♪ >> very dramatic expression. she was looking up toward the season. i wouldn't say she was smiling. holding back any sort of facial expression. >> that is the take on casey
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naipt release. three years after the daughter was reported missing and she was accused of murdering her, casey anthony is now free. what comes next for the 25-year-old? bob mackey. great the see you today. >> thank you. >> shannon: by starting about the so-called son of sam laws that states have if they are convicted of crime, they can't sell book right or movie right to make money off of that. she was found not guilty. >> correct. >> shannon: what the possibilities that she makes money off the story? >> when you look back over the last ten or 15 years with the high profile cases, there have been money made, not only by people who are acquitted but lawyers, jurors and things like that. she wears aer scarlet letter and she probably always will. she probably should. the question is somebody out there will pay good money for purposes of telling her story.
12:22 pm
whatever that is going to be. as we know, she has been acquit and she can't be tried again. the question is who is going to believe her. in today's world of sensationalism, i don't know if it matters. people are enthralled with this. why it caught fire is when i covered the peterson case more than the jackson case it caught fire because a beautiful girl is gone with no explanation and the mother is free. >> she will face civil lawsuits like we saw with o.j. simpson after cleared in criminal and found liabilitied in ifl. what do you think it will do as she rebuilds her life now? >> o.j. was found civilly responsible but since he was in florida the retirement was exempt. she lived on retirement. she is in a different situation.
12:23 pm
i did civil litigation for 30 years. if i sue her and gets a judgment, and assume she gets a contract with somebody and is paid $1 million. depending how the money is disbursed, if i get a judgment against her, i could attempt through the court system attach that money she is entitedaled to satisfy the judgment. you suspect her lawyers are going to make sure she is set up in a way to be protected as legally you can be. that will make more complicated. the question is ultimately where is this girl going to go and have a life? most people don't care. my thoughts as upset as we were to an acquittal, i have to respect the jury. sometimes liberty doesn't mean, the lack of liberty doesn't mean you have to be behind bars. her life may be worse in some way outside as opposed to inside. >> shannon: good point. always great to have a chat
12:24 pm
with you. thank you so much. >> thank you. take care. >> jamie: former illinois governor rod blagojevich is trying to sell his chicago home in order to raise money to pay off his bond before he goes to prison. the u.s. district judge called blagojevich in court and ordered him to put up the house for the bond that is allowing him to stay out of prison until he is sentenced. he was convicted of trying to sell the senate seat left vacant by president obama and he could get close to a ten-year term in prison. iowa's governor says he is pretty sure he knows what rick perry's presidential plans are. find out what they learned when the two governors had an important chat. [ male announcer ] the network -- a living, breathing intelligence that's helping people rethink how they live. in he, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broaand experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. ♪ we'll deliver better service,
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>> shannon: we showed you moments ago, casey anthony is a free woman now, but very few people know where she is headed next. it's the bottom of the hour. peter doocy standing by with the top stories. >> hi, shannon. only a small number of people know exactly where casey anthony is right now. she left the orange county
12:28 pm
jail after midnight with her attorney jose baez. she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee two weeks ago. white house budget director jack lew says there is still time to hash out a deal before of the august 2 debt deadline. he told "meet the press" there is still time to get something big done. the president made clear he wants to do something substantial. speaking of president obama, he is wishing the u.s. women's soccer team good luck before the big game. the president sent out a tweet that read "sorry i can't be there to see you play but i'll be cheering you on from here. let's go! "the u.s. women take on japan in the world cup finals this afternoon. jane fonda is speaking out against qvc because they canceled an appearance to talk about her new book. she claims that qvc decided not to have her on after they got phone call to boycott the channel over her opposition to vietnam war. those are the top stories. back to you. >> who knew shopping could be so controversial. >> how you know. >> shannon: because of you.
12:29 pm
thank you for the update. news today that british newspaper executive is arrested in the "news of the world" phone hacking investigation. sky news reports that rebekah brooks, the former head of the british newspaper was taken into custody. police are not confirming that, however. news corp also owns this network has come under fire over allegations the news of the world hacks cell phone of crime victim and celebrities. speaking of celebrities, actor jude law says he is filing suit against "the sun" another news corp paper and he is already suing "news of the world." >> we should have a balanced, 49 out of 50 states have it. >> the reality is every emunicipality, every township government, every city government, every -- >> we don't have what you -- >> you know it. you have a provision in there to make it easier -- >> it's your own requirement. >> shannon: just a little snippet of why the debt debate has yet to be resolved. i have sat down earlier with
12:30 pm
"fox news sunday" chris wallace to get preview of his interview with jim jordan and chris van hollen. you had a mini summit of your own. >> jim jordan, a lot of people may not know who he is, but the republican tuddy committee represents three-fourths, three-fourth of the house republican caucus are members. and also, chris van hollen, the top democrat on the house budget committee. i think that the biggest news is that a lot of people think that the mcconnell fall-back plan, allowing the president to take the heat and get his debt increase past the election without, at least with the possibility of no spending cuts at all is going to get through. jordan basically said over his dead body. he said i am not going to vote for it. and the house republican caucus won't vote for it, which raises the question will there be enough votes for that? if that, which is considered the fallback doesn't pass, i don't know where we are come august 2. >> that is a spirited debate. it continues. didn't get solved but see if we made inroads with the sides. you have someone who is
12:31 pm
turning out to be the interesting story of the 2012 race. herman cain continues to show up in the polls and he is getting traction. >> he is. i think he has lost a little bit. her man cain, the formercee of godfather's pizza. clearly according to the public and polls won the first debate, the fox debate in south carolina that you participated in. didn't do so well -- i don't know that he didn't do well in new hampshire debate but michele bachmann stole the thunder there. seems to have taken, eclipsed him to some degree so in the latest iowa poll -- they are both really going after the social conservatives and the tea parties in iowa. she is up at 30%. she is down at 1%. we talk to him about how he gets his mojo back. he is strong. one of those guys who says don't increase the debt limit. we can pay our bondholders and then just cut spending from other programs. as far as the difference between him and michele bachmann, not so much on the
12:32 pm
issues but he is a problem solver, he has had executive experience running a company. she has, too, but not as big of a company as godfather's pizza. i think he has a hard road. the latest fundraiser, the latest fundraising she has couple of million cash on hand and he has $400,000. that is because he loaned himself a half a million dollars. if it weren't for that he would be broke. >> shannon: it's interesting he said no matter how the latest straw poll goes in iowa he won't bow out. we'll see how it goes for him. don't miss the panel. >> spirited panel. but when you see the argument between john poedsta and liz cheney and juan williams and bill kristol you will say how are they ever going to solve the debt problem? >> shannon: katie, bar the door. chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> shannon: you can catch chris' exclusive interview with congressman van hollen and jordan and republican presidential candidate herman
12:33 pm
cain on the fox news channel after our show. iowa governor said it's likely that texas governor rick perry will run for president. he tells the "associated press" after a friday conversation with the lonestar state counterpart he gets the "definite impression perry is likely to run." perry said he is likely to decide whether or not he's in, in two or three weeks. the hawkeye state holds the first in the nation presidential caucus february 2012. lots of campaigning, plenty of polls and there isn't an overwhelming favorite in the 2012 g.o.p. primary race. according to the gallop poll, republicans said they didn't have a preference. who do candidates need to do to stand out? we are joined by the chairman of civil forum pac and cofounder of project s have ford o'connell and ellen, the former senior advisor to nancy pelosi. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having us.
12:34 pm
>> the gallup poll, they didn't throw out names. they said it's the republican or the republican leading independents, do you have a preference? 58% said no. where are the candidates failing to rez nay? >> we are looking for someone to unite the fiscal conservatives. we have a front runner, mitt romney but rank and file republicans don't see comfortable with the position. but stars are aligning for michele bachmann. but if perry gets in, the job stance is strong. >> shannon: we are still 15, 16 months out but since no one is breaking away, encouraging? >> in 2008 we had a strong field. great candidates. blessed with riches. it scares me when you have people out there and news attention on them, sol stories catch fire after a period of time. they couldn't single out the
12:35 pm
candidate. i'm happy with the candidate we have. >> shannon: i want to look at a ford poll. excuse me. fox. i'll ask you, ford, about the fox poll. it's your poll. you took it. no, this is a fox news poll. about the 2012 g.o.p. presidential nominee preference. top five. romney, perry, bachmann, giuliani, palin but three out of the five aren't in the race. what does it tell you about how g.o.p. voters are feeling? >> they are looking for someone to fight for them. that's what rick perry brings to the table. texas created more jobs than the other states combined. that is an important message. its something that republicans want to rally around. they want to see president obama unseated in 2012. >> shannon: he said to the "des moines register," iowa an important state that he feels comfortable that he may be called to the position or called to step up and run.
12:36 pm
does he make you nervous or do you think he has flaws? >> i think he has flaws. i worked for mark warner for a while before working for nancy pelosi. i like governors. i think hay have great executive abilities. they know how to get stuff done. look at rick perry's record and i see he has more uninsured workers in his state than any other state. he has a great deal of education cuts he will have to run with. he has still 8% unemployment. he has a job surge, but he has done it also by borrowing money. he has borrowed at a higher rate than president obama has solving the recovery. >> shannon: ford, will he be able to explain moves at governor? >> i think he can. he is showing that he is the longest serving governor of history of texas. when you have been there that long and you can stay in there, you show the staying power of an executive to make the tough decisions. that combined with the jobs record makes him a powerful candidate. >> shannon: i want to ask about the folks who were expected to do better than they are at this point. you think of newt gingrich,
12:37 pm
rumors that he is mired in debt. we saw a massive walk-off by his staff. do you think he is done? time for him to formally bow out at this point? >> if you think about senator mccain, there were people who thought he was traveling southwest and carrying his own bags a he came right back. >> we have a long way to go between now and next november. newt gingrich always has ideas. he may put ideas in debate to make him attractive to people. again, as you said with senator mccain, money doesn't have to be a disqualifier at this point. especially when you have internet that lights fire and donation surge in. >> shannon: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: the first family was back in church this morning, leaving the white house and walking a couple of blocks on a beautiful sunny day in washington. to service as the church. the obamas have been criticized by some for not going to church more regularly.
12:38 pm
this is the first time the year the family went to church in washington. they attended services on vacation in hawaii last december. catholic university is putting an end to coed dorms. it is doing it to cut down on binge drinking and sex. why is a man threatening to sue the university? stay tuned. [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to s in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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♪ geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: a group of 63 house members sent a letter to president obama asking him to set the record straight whether or not the august 2 deadline is truly the end of the road. joining us is one congressman that signed on to the letter, doug lamborne of colorado. thank you for your time today. >> good morning. >> shannon: i want to ask you, because you are in a special position. you have worked as a bond attorney so you understand this better than most of us. when we get to august 2, what happens? do you think it's the end all, be all for moving forward? >> well, although it's not a
12:42 pm
government shut down, we will only pay 60% of our bills. we have money coming in, but because borrowing authority for the remaining 40% we can only pay 60%. in august, the federal government has to make 80 million payments. obviously, with only 60% of the money coming in, and we can only make 60% of the 80 million payments. if we don't have a deal by august 2, the president will own the results. he will have to decide who makes the payments, who gets paid and who does not get paid. i have hope we don't get to the point. >> shannon: of course, he is pointing the finger back at republicans say tag you all own this, because nobody has been able to get to the table and make decisions. he says that republicans are holding fast to tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires. that until you are willing to find an area of compromise on that, republicans are to blame for what happens after august 2. your response? >> i think the american people made their feelings clear in the last election. we have can't keep up this
12:43 pm
massive overspending. the president doesn't want to let up on spending at all. he wants to go with the unsustainable path. we as republicans say we can't do this massive overspending. so the president doesn't want to stop spending. we refuse to keep up this high spending. and that is the dilemma. ultimately, the american people are going to have to choose which of the two courses they want to us take. >> shannon: all right. it want to read a quote from a colleague on capitol hill this week. this is democratic senator chuck schumer. out of new york. here is what he had to say. "there is no way to move around money to delay day of reckoning that would occur." august 2. "taking the negotiations past the deadline is not an option." does anyone have power legally to prioritize payments so we talk about getting military paid or social security checks going out that there is a choice about what gets paid? >> we have had briefings and
12:44 pm
meetings on this. our understanding from a legal perspective is that the u.s. treasury under the direction of president obama has the authority to prioritize payments however they deem that they want to do. they might say well, first in time, first in right. or pick and choose. put interest on the debt first. they can do it however they want? >> shannon: congressman, we know off lot of work ahead. thank you for your time today. >> good to talk to you. >> shannon: well, are members of the tea party caucus stalling the debt talk? keep it here. in the next hour we ask the man who helped get a lot of them elected. former house leader and freedom work chair dick army joins us live. if the government defaults on the debt how do you protect what you have in investments? brenda buttner has advice you can't afford to miss. if there are default what is
12:45 pm
is the danger for us, ordinary investors and folks trying to save money? >> the big problem is if there is a downgrade on the debt. then we'd have to have the higher returns to offer to investors to take on what would be riskier investment, such as the u.s. treasury. that has the biggest impact in the higher interest rates. those could translate in to say you wanted to make a loan on a car, if you are on your mortgages, your credit card rate could go up. so if interest rates go up, that has a huge impact on all of us. especially if many of us are starting to get a little nervous about this. and putting some of our stock investments, bond investments into cash. you know, you can put it in your mattress, you can bury it in your backyard but the problem with rising interest rate is it causes inflation. that means that that cash is going to buy less for you. in the future.
12:46 pm
now there are some people who are doing things such as buying gold, and gold certainly has had quite a record run of late. but the question about that, is when do you get out? what if there is all of a sudden a relief rally in the stock market? when this is eventually comes to a head? and solution is found? then you miss out on the returns. so, again, it's timing. that is very hard for even the smartest investors to do. the best thing to do is have a diversified portfolio. to follow that along. keep an eye on the market. and watch out for those higher interest vate rates. >> shannon: with all of that advice in mind is there a safe place to put your money? or is it everything has a little risk and you have to do your best as an investor? >> everything has a risk. say you put your money in money market. you are not making any money
12:47 pm
there and you haven't been because the interest rates so so low. if interest rate goes up, maybe you get more for the savings. you can go in a c.d. perhaps. or you can just put it in the bank. where it is guaranteed up to a certain limit. >> shannon: all right. brenda, great to have your insight. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> shannon: well, new developments relating to the suspect in the tucson shooting rampage that left six dead and seriously injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. details on a new hearing and how jared loughner's lawyers are trying to keep him from going to trial. fierce debate over single-sex storm at catholic university. find out why a lawyer says he plans to sue the president of the college for discrimination. looking good! you lost some weight.
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
>> shannon: the stalemate in libya may show signs of breaking. rebels reportedly making advances after months of nato-led fighting including a strike on military facility. it comes hours after a defiant gaddafi said he will never surrender. leland vittert is live in misrata with the latest. >> right now, the fight in the oil town of bregha is continuing. that is key, not only as the
12:52 pm
rebels try to advance and take the oil facility including export dock but is key for rebels in terms of the morale. they have been unable to make headway against gaddafi's troops that dug in with significantly better armor and weapons. the rebels are largely fighting with the homemade weapons. rockets on the back of pick-up truck and the like. this is b big win for them to show the international community they have a chance to push gaddafi troops to tripoli. gaddafi's stronghold, he remained defiant. the nato airstrike overnight pounded the capital but not in the shock and awe way we have seen from iraq war or anything like that. these were still military strikes and not targeting the key facility that cripple the city for something like a power generation client or water desalinization plant.
12:53 pm
here we come under nightly rocket attacks from the gaddafi forces on the outside of the city. last night we had 12 or 15 rockets that came in. as they do, sometimes they hit some of the power stations around here and knocked out the power to much of the city, which has largely been destroyed but gaddafi is targeting the civilian population. back to you. >> shannon: all right, leland vittert with the latest from libya. thank you. attorneys for the alleged shooter in the tucson massacre that targeted gabrielle giffords and left six dead want his psychiatric assessments videotape and claim it will be valuable evidence. doctors at mental health facility are treating jared loughner for schizophrenia. a judge found him unfit to defend himself so mental health experts are attempting to prep him for trial. federal court will hold a hearing whether the forced treatment is legal. he is one of the few living service men to be awarded the medal of honor. up next, hear the story of how sergeant first class leroy petry got the medal in
12:54 pm
his own words. [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪
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12:57 pm
>> shannon: on tuesday, president obama awarded the medal of honor to an army ranger who protected fellow soldiers from a live grenade. sergeant first-class leroy arthur petri may have lost his right-hand but he considers himself to be lucky and blessed. >> i saw two guys out of my peripheral vision and i filippo this slap in the side of my thy that felt like a hammer striking it. we hear a blast. sounded like it was right on top of us. a pineapple grenade sitting on the floor two and a half feet away from me in the middle of all of us. i reached over and grabbed t with my hand and threw it as hard as i could. what i thought was -- and as soon as i opened my hand to get it go it just exploded
12:58 pm
instantly. the hand was completely severed off. the blood was coming out oozing. i was waiting for where is the hollywood spray why isn't it gushing out. the smell was a mixture of blood, gun powder, burn and there was dirt. i reached down and grabbed a tourniquet. i was shot through both legs and not hit any arteries. it was amazing. it is a miracle. and then to have a grenade go off within arm's distance, i got two miracles in one day. i thought i would have a hook. my son would love a hook. when they gave me the hand and i saw its functionality and what i'm able to do with t i
12:59 pm
was amazed and i said i could wear that and i could wear that for a long time. i have just about done just about everything i wanted with it. i mean it is never going to be as fast as a real hand to pull a trigger again or bounce a basketball, but for the most part i really haven't found too much that i need help with. >> leroy showed that true heros still exist and that they are closer than you think. >> shannon: absolutely a true american hero for sure. he is the second living service member to receive the medal of honor for heroism. casey anthony is a free woman today, released from jail less than two weeks after being found not guilty of killing her two-year-old daughter caylee. she left the orange county jail in florida just after midnight with her attorney jose baez.
1:00 pm
and tony is expected to go into hiding to escape the glare of many americans who are angry that she was acquitted. i'm shannon bream. hour two of "stand up to headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. with the country days away from exhausting all authority to borrow any more money the president and congressional leaders are taking a break from negotiations. the white house insists there is still time to get something big done on a debt deal. steve centanni in washington with the latest. hi, steve. >> the clock is ticking towards the august 2 deadline but things are eerily quiet here in washington. talks behind the scenes but no budget meeting at the white house since thursday. today the president and his family went to church but has given no clue as to when the next negotiating section might be. the obama administration think there's is still time to get a deal done. the president's budget director
1:01 pm
has been hitting the sunday talk shows saying there has been "activity and progress." >> the president made clear he wants the largest deal possible. he wants to do the most we can to reduce the deficit. that would be the right thing to do for the american people. he is willing to go into areas he has not in the past been comfortable going into. >> the stumbling block includes taxes and revenues. the president wants revenue increases along with budget cuts. but republicans are saying they won't agree to any tax hike. many in the gop are pushing for a balanced budget amendment with caps on spending and they say so far they simply can't accept what the president is offering. >> the president is now asking us hey, republicans, vote for a debt ceiling increase even though you campaigned against it and the voters elected you to be against it. vote for it to pay for all of the spending and to add insult to injury, by the way, support tax increases while you are at it.
1:02 pm
>> the cut and cap balance plan could come up for a vote this week and that could set the stage for a deal to break the current dead lock. shannon? >> shannon: we will wait and see. thank you very much. joining us from albany, new york, representative steve conkel. good to see you on a sunday. >> good to join you and your viewer. >> shannon: you talk about investing in the future. there are many good things that we know we need to invest like infrastructure and education. tell me where the money comes from to invest in those things. >> the polling debt was conducted in the past week and the american public agrees in strong percentages that we need to balance this approach and have revenues addressed so that some of the investments we require can be done. they want that balance. they don't want this assault on
1:03 pm
the middle class. they want to invest in an innovation economy, a clean energy economy while china and india and brazil and japan all ink up for a clean energy know global sweepstakes. we can't afford to disinvest and defund. we need to have tax fairness so that millionaires and billionaires that did not provide a trickle down to the economy when we lost 8.2 million jobs needed to pay a fair share. >> shannon: when you refer to millionaires and billionaires, talking about people a dual income family making $250,000 or north of that. do you classify those people as millionaires and billionaires. >> i throw that out there as a general statement. we need to do the arithmetic so we are doing the most effective thing. it is important to make certain that billionaires and those in the most upper income strata are investing in this economy because i think we need to invest our way through it. it can't all be done by an assault on the middle class by
1:04 pm
cutting domestic programs and investments important to working families. >> shannon: you talked about the belt tightening. that is something that both parties agree on. where do we tighten the belt? >> right. i think there are opportunities for us to build in -- build in efficiencies. for instance, bulk purchasing of pharmaceutical needs for the medicare program. making certain that we look at contractors, sub contractors for the defense department and the pentagon. there are people making tremendous columns of profit on our investment in the war and i think that those area need to be certainly closer scrutinized and we also need to make certain that we discard programs that are no longer useful. making search that we go after fraud. there are documentations of fraud being addressed in the medicare program in the recent past weeks. one example comes to find where with ct chest scans we could
1:05 pm
save $25 million where the government was overbuild. this is just a small example of what we could do if we ex-trap lated over a bigger picture. >> when you talk about expending in the future, there are estimates from economists anywhere from 34 cents on the dollar to 47 cents on the dollar of what we spend is borrowed money. how long can we keep that up? >> the best thing we can do is put people to work. i believe the unemployment is driving the deficit. if we invest in, we can build a stronger tax base and turn the numbers around and belt tighten. we looked at reducing some of the spending. no one is denying we should do some spending cuts but you can't take away the investment into r & d we in the house as democrats want to make it in america. we want products to be made
1:06 pm
here the most cutting edge thinking in r & d can create the product line unique in all of the world and we can do it here in america. those are the dynamics that will address i think the going forward in the strongest format. >> congressman paul tonko thank you for your time today. we web you luck in finding solutions with your colleagues. >> north america needs to pay her bills and we have to go forward and build confidence in the economy and i hope we can do that this coming week. >> shannon: are members of the tea party caucus stalling the debt talks? we will ask the man who helped a lot of the tea party get elected. that is coming up live. a northern california man suspected of leaving death threats on the voice mail of barbara boxer's office has been arrested. joseph o'connell was taken into custody yesterday. the fbi was involved in helping to make the arrest. o'connell at last check was being held on a half million
1:07 pm
dollars bond. casey anthony has disappeared to an undisclosed location after an early morning release from a florida jail. casey stegall is live in orlando with the latest. do we know anything about where she has gone p? >> shannon, unfortunately, really disappearing into the thin of night. we were all surprised, i have to say at how this exactly happened. members of the press were being rather cynical saying there is no way she will walk right out the front door, no way this is going to happen at midnight or shortly thereafter. we stand corrected. we were wrong. in fact, officials here at the orange county jail did just the opposite of what we thought would happen. 12:11 the exact time when the front door opened and casey anthony was paraded out with her primary defense attorney jose baez by her side. a heavy police presence but
1:08 pm
members of the public could in fact see her. about 300 protesters gathering outside holding hand made signs shouting things like baby killer as she walked out the front door. at one point the crowd rushed the temporary barriers that were set up but there were no reports of violence or arrests. just plenty of opinions. listen. >> to protest that this killer is getting out. she had such a jury trial that was a bunch of jokes. a 6-year-old would have made a more conscious effort into the decision than what they actually did. >> people need to respect the judicial system and due process and just let her and her family live their lives. >> now, the 25-year-old was then put into a motorcade, two suvs and a white follow car. it went to a nearby parking garage in downtown orlando. incidentally, the office of her other attorney cheney mason. the suv she was in never
1:09 pm
reemerged. the defense team successfully giving us the slip. there was police activity a short time after that at a nearby private airport where a private yet was on the runway fueled up ready to take off. but there was speculation casey would hop on that plane. however, no one witnessed casey anthony boarding that aircraft so, again, the real mystery now, where she is. but that is being kept under wraps for her own safety. shannon? >> shannon: casey stegall live on the scene. thank you so much, casey. more fallout in the news of the world phone hacking investigation. word out of london that police arrested a british newspaper executive. rupert murdoch's news corps has come under fire for allegations one of its papers harked the phones of crime victims and celebrities. amy is live with the latest. >> all of this on yet another day of public apology. news corps taking out a second
1:10 pm
day of full--page advertisements in national papers saying that we are sorry for any wrong doing and we promise to set things straight. there will be no excuses and no where to hide for people who were involved in any of the wrong doing. and then a pledge of compensation for certain phone hacking victims. no, many people were surprised today by the arrest of rebekah brooks. and according to her spokesperson she was extremely surprised herself by this. she had gone to a london police station for a prearranged meeting today and when she got there she was arrested. now, brooks had been editor of news of the world from 2000 to 2003 and that was one of the most sensitive periods of the phone hacking. she stepped down, she was running murdoch's british newspaper empire until she stepped down friday which she did under building intense public pressure. the times newspaper wrote about a long and successful career of
1:11 pm
a woman who was always first to the news and ended up being her own biggest story. brooks 43 started out as a secretary is the the sun and shot through the ranks to become the youngest editor of news of the world and the first woman to run britain's biggest newspaper, shannon. finally, all of this, brooks has not been charged yet but all of this dose complicate matters intensely because she along with rupert murdoch and her son james are all set to testify before a parliamentary select committee this tuesday. that is the latest from london. back to you, shannon. >> shannon: amy kellogg,ing thank you very much. this is a fox news alert. egyptian state television says former president hosni mubarak is now in a coma. mubarak was strong armed out of office after the february uprisings that helped kick off the arab spring.
1:12 pm
all i know so far, the president is in a full coma. we will continue to try to gather more information on that and bring you the news as we get it. iowa's governor says it is very likely texas governor rick perry will run for president. governor branstad says he gets the impression perry is likely to run. the hawkeye state holds the first in the nation presidential caucus in february of 2012. businessman herman cain says a better business climate is what america needs to get out of trouble.
1:13 pm
he was an exclusive guest on "fox news sunday." peter doocy with the latest from herman's camp. >> he said he was always a problem solver. when it comes to the problem of the economy he says the best way to protect things is to protect small businesses by creating conditions favorable to their success. >> the engine to our economic growth is the business sector. this administration has put nothing in the engine and everything in the caboose. we are never going to grow until we lower the tax rates and remove the capital gains barrier. this is why this economy is stuck in stall. >> cain wasn't all business talk, though. he supports those in murfreesboro, tennessee, that don't want a mosque built in their town. if the particular community thinks stopping a mosque from being built will prevent sheridaia law from taking over
1:14 pm
that is his call. he also said he wouldn't be quite comfortable of letting a muslim serve on a cabinet of a potential cain administration. >> i'm willing to take a larder look at people that might be terrorists. i know there is a peaceful group of muslims in this country. god bless them and the they fro worship. >> people who know who cain is tend to like him. he comes in third when it comes to republican ballot support behind governor mitt romney and governor sarah palin. he said this morning also that he does expect to finish in the top three in idaho. >> shannon: i thought it was interesting, too, he said even if he doesn't he is not going away. >> he said he will stay in. >> shannon: a lot of fans and supporters. peter, thank you. day two of what was supposed to be carmageddon in los angeles.
1:15 pm
the 53 hour closure gives workers time to partially demolish a bridge and widen the freeway. so far, so good. no massive traffic nightmares. the u.s. women's soccer team will play for the world cup later today in germany. the u.s. will take on japan in the title game. the first run to the championship since the team won in 1999. the u.s. women beat france on wednesday 3-1 to advance to today's finals. and a spoiler alert. turn it if you are tivoing the british open. we have the news here now. darren clarke has just won the british open. the northern irishman fended off dustin johnson and phil mickelson. he struggled with his game after his wife died of cancer in 2006. one private catholic university is changing its dorm
1:16 pm
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1:19 pm
>> shannon: perfect way to start the morning. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis woke up to "celebration" by kool and the gang. atlantis is scheduled to land at the kennedy space center on thursday. this is the final mission of nasa's 30 year shuttle program. president obama's weekend meeting with the dalai lama has raised the ire of the chinese government. china accuses the leader of
1:20 pm
trying to break tay bet away from this and damaging relations between the u.s. and china. obama met with the leader 45 minutes at the white house yesterday but the president reiterated that u.s. policy views tibet as part of china. the freshman class that will show up at catholic university this fall will see a big change. the return to single sex dorms. they believe that move will help to prevent catholic values and prerevent binge drinking ad promiscuous sex. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> professor, why do have you have such an adverse reaction. i know this is from a legal standpoint the d.c. law to you you believe you are going to possibly sue the president of
1:21 pm
catholic university because same sex dorms discriminate. how is so? >> someone who has won over 100 sex discrimination cases. the act is the strictest one in the country. you cannot discriminate on the basis of sex unless it is absolutely necessary and it certainly isn't absolutely necessary to cram all of your students into sex se segregated dorms. catholic hasn't done it for 25 years. no other university does. interestingly you said it is catholic values. he doesn't claim any catholic values. he is doing it for secular reasons. and by the way, even if he were doing it for religious reasons human rights trumps religion. georgetown university was ordered not to discriminate on the basis of sexual preference. i don't know of any basic
1:22 pm
catholic tenets which requires students to live into single sex dorms. >> if you are talking about preventing binge drinking and sex outside of marriage which is clearly a catholic tenet. >> we have to put this into a bigger context. what catholic university is doing and several catholic institutions are going back and looking at saying what has happened since the 1960s and '70s and many catholic universities the whole religious element to it. the strong catholic identity of the universities was thrown out and said you know what, we will be secular and like everybody else. not only the current president, president garvey but also the past president david, father david o'connell, they have done an excellent job in saying who are we and what do we have to do in order to become what we say we want to be and what they have said is not only about teaching the faith, it is not only about being an excellent
1:23 pm
academic institution but about create agriculture in which our students become mature, smart, properly formed catholics. >> shannon, that is all very interesting about you has nothing to do with the law. the fact that catholic has twice refused to send somebody over to defend the legal position says i think strongly that it doesn't have any. in in i event, father, if you look at the biggest study done of this very issue which was done by a catholic institute it says that having sex segregated dorm ares probably doesn't work. it is only anecdotal and they say if the catholic universities would imtate the universities in whatever it is they are doing they would probably have lower rates of -- >> shannon: professor, i know the reading of the law and i know what it says, i have a copy in front of me and says unlawful to discriminate in wholly or in part for discriminatory reason.
1:24 pm
i know d.c.'s law has been tough and you have been successful here. why go after catholic university? you can, but why? >> because i have been fighting sex discrimination all of my professional life. i think along with b.c., it is wrong and the fact that people can offer justifications for it doesn't excuse it. the road to hell is paveed with good intentions. so is the road to sex discrimination. every case i ever had, it is not that somebody said i hate women, they had good virtuous reasons for doing it. the court said that is irrelevant. >> shannon: fatherrion finish this out. >> the catholic university has a big responsibility to give to parents paying for the university and students paying for the university what they are promising and that is a catholic education in his fullest. >> why haven't they done it for 25 years, father? >> shannon: professor, let
1:25 pm
father finish out. >> professor, allow me to finish here for a second. >> sure. >> a principle of self-determination. jewish school saying that we are going to make sure that everybody for example wears a yamica if that is what their tradition is. we have to respect the right of institutions to define themselves to provide exactly what they say they provide. this is a bigger question and thank god catholic university stands up and i would like to see it in other universities not just catholic universities stand up for what they believe in and give to us as a country the diversity that we want to find in religious institutions. >> they haven't done it for 25 years. georgetown doesn't do it and it is legally irrelevant. you are going to lose. >> shannon: gentlemen, and by the way, the university has sent us a statement saying they feel confident legally they will win the battle. >> but they won't tell us why. >> shannon: we will check back in and follow it as it plays out. professor, father, thank you very much. frontier airlines canceled
1:26 pm
dozens of flights after golf ball sized hail damaged some of its fleet. the denver-based carrier knicksed at least 96 flights for saturday, sunday and monday. 18 of its planes were damaged in wednesday night's hail storm. crammabling to rebook passengers now. united and northwest also reporting damage and flight cancellations. no reports of injuries but a lot of scared people took off after the biggest eruption of an indonesian volcano yet. about 5,000 residents living close to the crate serri been relocated. word that one of afghanistan began president hamid karzai's top advisors reportedly murdered at his home in kabul. coming to us according to agency france press. a former governor of one of provincean's southern killed in an attack that is still ongoing. it comes less than a week after
1:27 pm
karzai's half brother asass nateed. according to one tea party poll, 7 of 10 americans strongly oppose any increase in the debt limit. is that holding up any real possibility forgetting a deal done? coming up, we will ask the freedom works chair dick army. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your dtor about viagra? 20 million men already have. with every age comes responsibility. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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1:30 pm
for your loved ones. since 1994, over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance. there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. >> shannon: the contentious debt debate continued this morning on the sunday talk shows. peter doocy watched them all and is standing by with the top of the news. >> the white house says there is still time to hash out a deal before the august 2 debt deadline. jack lu told meet the press there is still time to get something big done. the president made it clear he wants to do something substantial. casey anthony is a free woman. she left jail just after midnight. she was found not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee
1:31 pm
less than two weeks ago. a british newspaper executive arrested in the news of the world phone hacking investigation. rebekah brooks was taken into custody this morning. news corps which also owns this network has come under fire the allegations that news of the world hacked cell phones of crime victims. the woman admitted to grabbing the breast of a female agent thursday but there is no word on why she did it. the woman no you faces a felony count of sexual abuse. and those are the top stories right now, shannon. back to you. >> shannon: peter, thank youngsters you very much. peter, thank you very much. heat advisories stretching across the midwest today. sweltering temperatures in the region. rick reichmuth is in the fox weather center with all of our forecast for today. hi, rick. >> to give you an idea how hot it is, the overnight lows
1:32 pm
across the plains higher than the typical day time high temperatures. at night time not even getting any relief. heat indices in the triple digit range towards minneapolis. 90s across the south. the worse is the farther north this time. here is what we will see today as far as the heat index goes. what it will feel like. that the that bad into the southeast today. that will change as the hot air mass expands and spreads towards the east. warm across the southern plains. the worst of it towards the north. south dakota and nebraska into iowa, temperatures feeling like 105 to 110. in some cases 115 or so. one other big story that we will start to follow very closely over the next day is the bit of convexion, the storms east of florida, a chance for something tropical. maybe even becoming a depression later today. once it does, all the computer models all over the place. no good guidance as to where the storm would go.
1:33 pm
parts of florida and the gulf and across area of the mid-atlantic and the coastal states need to watch this closely because it is forming so close to the u.s. mainland. >> rick, thank you very much for the update. >> you bet. >> shannon: lawmakers on capitol hill are squabbling about which cuts could accompany the debt ceiling. joining us the chairman of freedom works. he calls the plan floated by the senate's top republican mitch mcconnell a cut, run and hide approach. congressman, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: talk about the tea party role in the ongoing negotiations. spot light on the freshmen tea party members who say no way, no how are they voting for a debt ceiling increase. st. louis area an is there anyd be okay or proper to increase the debt ceiling. >> the tea party movement is a grass roots movement of american citizens from all over
1:34 pm
the political spectrum that are frankly disenchanted with both political parties in office. so the first point is we don't wand to be panickedpy the traditional or frighten everybody with bull horrible frightening talk like president obama is doing. secondly, let's do something bold if you want to do something big and bold. do something like cap, cut and balance. put some pieces in place that we dare to believe will be reliable restraints against future spending and will require existing government spending. there are two reasons why these folks are so adamant we have got to cut the size of government. the first, of course, is just in terms of the government's own budgetary problems. but secondly, this big old fat government, so big, so fat, so inefficient is drowning out the growth possibilities of the private sector. it is just like an abusive weight straddling the back of
1:35 pm
every small businessman and woman today. it is a scary weight. they are saying cut yourself back to size. get to an appropriate level of balanced effort on those things that are high priorities in the public interest. and in this business of cutting, don't tell meow have to cut social security checks when you have got all kinds of places you could make the cuts like americorps and the congress debt and student loans. if you have a set of priorities don't put this fear talk about trying to frighten seniors into a panic. frankly the democrats have worn that one out and i don't even think the seniors are falling for it any more. >> shannon: you talk about a lot of things that you thought would be positive, cut, cap and balance, a balanced budget amendment. those things are not going to get done in the next 16 days. are youngsters you prepare youo
1:36 pm
august 2 and support not raising the debt ceiling when we don't know what somes after august 2 exactly. how do you respond to the criticism that the tea party is making the gridlock so that it will not be lifted at any point in the foreseeable future? >> first of all, the tea party is not the doing that. the tea party is not doing that. and the people whom we appreciate that now have the privilege of holding office in washington particularly in the house are not doing it. they are saying look, august 2 is not the horrible frightening drop dead date you are painting it to be so drop the scare tactics and let's get down to serious business. secondly, if it takes more time for you to come to term with the needed to do the hardcore long-term things that will affect the balance of the budget we will do a short one, short-term extension of the debt limit that is accompanied by appropriate cuts, $200 billion or so. i can give you $100 billion out of americorps which is a silly program that shouldn't have existed in the first place.
1:37 pm
the fact is there are many options. the president says i want to do something big. he wants to have a big debt limit extension to go back to the old spend and borrow that got us in this trouble in the first place. if you want to do something big, mr. president, let's do some big cuts in the budget that accommodate to a hope that in fact we won't have these dilemmas in the future. >> shannon: dick armey, former house majority leader and now chair of freedom works, thank you so much for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: a couple of active duty and retired military members took to the streets in san diego to march in the gay pride parade. the group wants don't ask don't tell repealed. the obama administration began phasing out the policy earlier this year but on friday a federal appeals court temporarily halted its repeal while the legal battle over the policy continues. new research shows that falling could be an early sign
1:38 pm
of alzheimer's disease. elderly people who fell frequently were five times more likely to have alzheimer's. >> researchers discussing findings along with a separate new eye test that the alzheimer's association international conference this weekend. they are hoping that both could be a big help in early detection. the disease is caused by a buildup of plaque or amyeloid on a person's brain. it has no cure and drugs only temporarily ease symptoms. finding it early mostly helps patients and families prepare and arrange care. alzheimer's causes changes in the eyes, not just the brain. researchers photographed blood vessels in 13 people with
1:39 pm
alzheimers and those with prealzheimer's. they matched the amount of plaque seen in brain scans. currently bran skeins are the most common way to find evidence of a alzheimers. major warning signs of alzheimers include the following, memory loss that disrupts your daily life. confusion with time or place. new problems with speaking or writing words. social withdrawal and changes in mood or personality. now, most eye doctors have the cameras used for the study but a takes a special kind of computer program to measure blood vessels for the experimental test that doctors are using. more study is planned on larger groups to see how accurate the test might be, shannon. >> shannon: very interesting development. thank you, julie. sure. >> shannon: we have been
1:40 pm
hearing quite a lot about moody's warnings that it could lower the u.s. credit rating. what does that mean for all of us? we will talk to steve moore are. plus how will the country defaulting on its debt affect your family? we take a closer look at the numbers, coming up. ♪ [ female announcer ] somhing unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles.
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her doctor recommended aleve cause it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief oaleve in liquid gels. >> shannon: an update to breaking news we brought you a few minutes ago. deposed egyptian former president hosni mubarak. his attorney said that his client was in a coma. we are getting conflicting reports that say it is not true. hospital personnel say that mubarak is in stable condition. you know mubarak is now facing a trial associated with his time when was president and leading egypt. as of this time reports about mubarak and being in a coma have omaha ban only come from s attorney who was apparently not with mubarak. he is traveling to the hospital after getting word. the hospital saying he is in stable condition and not a
1:44 pm
coma. we will keep you updated as we get more information. one of the big headlines in the debt crisis warnings from ratings agencies moodies and s&p, the agencies are clear they may lower the u.s. credit rating. what exactly does that mean for all of us? joining us now to explain it is steve moore, senior economic writer for the "wall street journal" and resident expert on breaking it down so we can understand it. great to see you today. >> great to see you, shannon. >> shannon: how close do you think we are to the possible downgrade. >> the united states for the last 75 years or so has always had a tripled a bond rating. when you think about that being downgraded. think about this. if the u.s. treasury bill is not a triple-a security then what is? that is why i don't believe this that they will downgrade the debt. think about when there is turmoil anywhere in the world. an earthquake and japan or middle east turmoil, people rush to the united states as a
1:45 pm
safe haven. i'm not all that concerned about it. another thing to keep in mind. the reason people would be concerned about the downgrade of the debt is it would mean interest rates would rise on the treasury bills. interest rates rise on our securities we will have to pay a lot more in interest payments. things the interesting thin about this. look what happened as the rating agencies said they will downgrade the debt, have interest rates risen? they have fall and little bit. i don't think investors around the world are worried about not being paid on the debt that they are owed if we go past the august 14th deadline on the debt ceiling. >> shannon: do you know something we don't know because we have been saying august 2 no. >> no, no. my own opinion is that the treasury department could go well into at least another four to six weeks by borrowing from other trust funds. here is the other interesting
1:46 pm
part of the story. think about the rating agencies saying they are going to downgrade our debt, moodies and s&p. think about what they have done in the last ten years. these are the rating agencies that were giving triple a bond ratings to the sub prime mortgages literally a day before the whole thing collapsed. one of the questions i ask investors why does anybody believe anything that moody's and s&p say? they have no credibility when it comes to this. they missed the enroll scandal. they gave triple-a rating to enron before that collapsed. >> shannon: we take it all with a grain of the of salt? >> it would be some what serious if there was a downgrade in the debt because a lot of institutions can only hold triple-a bond ratings. i think a lot of this is just scare tactics to try to get congress to get a deal. i want to see them get a deal. i don't want to see a down grade on the debt.
1:47 pm
>> shannon: great to see you. >> go usa today. >> shannon: we'll be watching the game after the show. >> thanks to you. >> shannon: harry potter breaking records again. rakes in $92 million in its first day. almost $20 million more than the previous one day record holder the twilight saga new moon. also more than four of the previous 7 potter films made in their entire opening weekend. coming up, peter doocy takes us to the ballgame, capitol hill style. >> may not be a clear winner in the debt ceiling but tonight one political party came out on top in the republicans versus democrats baseball game and i will tell you who, right after this. don't think it is just a little friendly baseball game. it is for guts and glory. [ male announcer ] the network --
1:48 pm
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>> shannon: here are some of the top stories we are following right now. casey anthony is out of jail and into hiding. and angry crowd was waiting outside the orange county jail earlier this morning when casey anthony became a free woman. the mother recently acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter caylee was whisked away to an undisclosed location. a dangerous heat wave hitting much of the country and will continue throughout the week. some states temperatures are
1:52 pm
spiking 15 degrees above average for this time of year in a large swath of the u.s. from montana to new mexico could see triple digit temperatures in the coming days. the national weather service predicts it could get as hot as 117 degrees in some places. the countdown is on in a little more than an hour the u.s. women's soccer team will kick off play against japan in the first world cup finals since 999 when they won. the match takes place in frankfort germany and will be attended by thousands including dr. joel biden and chelsea clinton. those are some of the top stories right now. some lawmakers made it all to the ballpark recently for a different kind of congressional showdown. the annual ballgame. peter doocy joins us live there. it wasn't an annual thing until 1962. before that things like the great depression or the world wars put baseball on the back burner here in d.c. in 1958 they stopped having
1:53 pm
this democrats versus republicans game for a completely different reason. the speaker of the house at the time said that it was too physical. look here to see if that was the case this year. >> in the midst of the debt debate a few dozen lawmakers decided to leave that dome and set their differences on the diamond. >> democrats. one, two, three, democrats. >> republicans might have a big advantage in the house but for this charity game it is a level playing field. >> don't think it is just a little friendly baseball game. it is for guts and glory. >> once a year. and if you win you can hold it over their heads and if you lose you will hear about it. >> both tried to make the momentum at the ballot box carry over into the box score. >> we asked the new incoming freshmen do you play baseball. >> like a draft. >> two freshmen broke the starting lineup this year. >> they won 86 new seats so had a lot more to recruit. who knows what it going to
1:54 pm
happen two years from now. maybe it will be our time to recruit ball players as well. >> despite having twice as many players, the republicans fell behind early in the gamele but the only senator in either dugout said that was all part of the plan. >> we are playing easy in the first couple of innings, letting them get overconfident which i think is the same as the debt ceiling right now. >> the slow start didn't end up playing off and behind frederick's pitching master paris-nice the democrats won by a lopsided score of 8-2. >> i have no idea how this works but is there any chance that any of your guys that aren't doing so well that like a scout from moody's could come and downgrade their player rating? >> i will give you no comment on that. >> and that democratic pitcher sedrick richmond was dominating all of the republicans. one of the gop lawmakers pulled me aside and joked if his team ever wants to have a shot to win they have to target mr. richmond's district in the
1:55 pm
next election. if he is not in congress he can't strike them out. >> full on uniforms and everything. >> all members of congress. >> if you say so. you report, we decide. one florida veteran whose home was in disrepair and he was b-to-b he thrown out. we will show you how the community pitched in to save h him from eviction. >> we needed him and he was there and now that he needs us we need to be there. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage has ginkgo for memory and concentration, plus support for bone and breast health. a great addition to my routine.
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1:58 pm
>> shannon: after a six month deployment in afghanistan jesse starks had a surprise for his three-year-old son, dane. >> can i get in the picture? >> yeah. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> cheese. >> the surprise' peer ranse happened as he was posing for a
1:59 pm
picture with darth vader at lego land. he was clutching his daddia doll. apparently he will not need it any more. dad, are you going to come home with us? >> i am going to come home with you. >> are you excited about that? >> yeah. >> the happy family plans to go on a hawaiian vacation this summer. one veteran is grateful after getting $25,000 worth of home repairs for free. he was facing a pile of citations for repairs he dowd don't. an organization called rebuilding broward county offered to help by providing free home repairs to veteran home owners. volunteers said they were more than happy to give back to a man that served the country. >> i couldn't believe it. they are doing a fine job. an excellent job. and i don't know how to thank them. >> i don't think it's necessary. thanks to him. that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" with chris wallace is up next. i'm shannon bream. thanks for watching fox

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